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Comfort and Joy

Once upon a time of tidings in the figure of a boy came a tale of Christian greetings first of comfort, then of joy.
Think of all the perfect pairings - is not this a case sublime? Two ferocious, flawless feelings - what more might one ask of time?
Disconnect them from their moorings! Why should God dictate the line? Why should those with faith and paintings specify the way we shine?
Let us meet transcendent mornings with a sober, grown-up gaze; joys and comforts, endless endings, magic from these human days.

1. This poem started with the phrase 'comfort and joy' which popped into my head with a sense of grievance: why should this only be available to those with Christian faith?
2. The line 'tidings of comfort and joy' comes from the Christmas carol 'God rest ye merry gentlemen', so once I had 'comfort and joy' I also had 'tidings'.
3. I didn't want to use the phrase 'tidings of comfort and joy' directly, so they needed to be separate.
4. As I th…

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