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Books reviews 2018 - #7, #8, #9 and #10

The Poor Mouth, Flann O’Brien (1961), translated from Gaelic by Patrick C Power (1974)
Beside the Sea, Veronique Olmi (2001), translated from French by Adriana Hunter (2010)
The Green Road, Anne Enright (2015)
Wickedness: A Philosophical Essay, Mary Midgley (1984)
Holidays are a time for making a serious dent in your tsundoku.That’s the theory.In practice, the excitement means you visit a couple of bookshops and end up acquiring a dozen or so more books.You take, say, ten with you for the week, and end up reading four and a half.There’s been progress, of a sort; but you’ve also gone backwards (again).
And by ‘you’ I do of course mean ‘me’.
The other excitement is the revelation of a theme.In both the acquisition of the new books, and in the evolution of the tsundoku, mysterious selective forces are at work.Why these ones?And why these ones?
And from the tsundoku, and from among the new acquisitions, these ones are selected to be taken on holiday.And from those that have made the journey – fi…

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