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Fairy Tale 7 - The Undelivered Wardrobe

Everyone was running around with their heads in a spin.   They were all dressed in their best clothes.   The men were wearing shiny shoes and crisply beautiful tall black hats, and their moustaches were carefully greased and they all wanted to be the great Gatsby.   The women were wearing astonishing scarves and flowing curves of shimmering dresses, and some had coy masks on sticks, and they were all Greta Garbo.   People had arrived in vehicles meeting the highest standards of flamboyance.   The cocktails were divine, the canap├ęs delicious.   The music, lighting, flooring, air quality, temperature, ambiance, unemployment rate, consumer price index and political circumstances were all ideal. The people were partying hard: recent times had, after all, been very difficult. The worst was now over and it was time to have fun.   Everything could be obtained merely by thinking about it.   Perfectly groomed waiters and waitresses had been summoned.   Jugglers and fire-breathers were waiting i

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