Friday, 5 November 2010

Jam today, maturity tomorrow

Excitement in my town of origin this week with the visit of the genetically-specified head of state. The Queen visited Maldon, ancient settlement and battle site, to endorse salt and jam.

If there has to be a genetically-specified head of state, then using them as the marketing wing of UK plc is, I suppose, the least distasteful method of their deployment. And as a loyal customer of both Maldon Sea Salt and Tiptree jams, I am pleased that they will receive some sort of fillip from these shenanigans.

But please. Enough already. We’re grown ups now. We don’t need to cling to the blanket any more. Let’s let the old lady go – I’m sure she has other things she’d rather be doing – and find ourselves a proper, sensible, 21st century way to govern ourselves.

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