Enough of the enoughness

Mixed emotions this week as I finally face up to the fact that 'The Economics of Enough' is hitting the bookshelves in the UK.

Positive emotions because it's great to see the concept in solid paper format, available for all and sundry to read; negative emotions because the author of said tome is not my good self but someone else.

It's my own silly fault, of course. I spent five years telling everyone I was working on a book called 'The Economics of Enough'; I spent bloody ages actually drafting the thing; and I had an agent in 2009 who gaily took the title to the Frankfurt bookfair where it began a life of its own. Who could blame the publisher who heard the great title, but also heard that the text itself was too long and that the author was someone no-one had ever heard of? A much better idea, surely, to publish something by an established and capable author.

So, well done
Diane Coyle. The reviews are coming in and they look solid; the lecture tour is underway and as a Fellow of the RSA I'm even part-funding it. It's a great idea, and I genuinely hope it's successful. It is, in the end, the ideas that matter, not the egos.

I, meanwhile, have to re-think a little. It seems that the Diane Coyle Enough and my Enough, whilst both looking at the future of economics, take different perspectives and cover different ground, so there may still be some room for the things I wanted to say. It looks, too, like I may finally have found someone to publish the thing - only now it's going to need to be called something else.

We'll see what emerges.

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M. Reynard said…
It was too good a title not to get used sooner rather than later. Doesn't make any difference to the substance of your book. This is a great blog, and I'm looking forward to reading the book when it's done, whatever it's called.
Richard Donkin said…
David, I just came across this book too, then your blog when searching "the economics of enough" which was a phrase, if not the idea, I thought I had come up with in The Future of Work. Now I find that others have used it previously and your blog has been running for some time. It's made me wonder whether I might have picked it up from a conversation or lecture somewhere - I wasn't aware of your blog. I see we are both RSA fellows. It would be good to meet and chat some time. Are you based in London?

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