Death Race 2012

We are, apparently, in a race to the death.  Yes, it’s a race – and we are competing, to win.  Winning is all that matters.  We either win – or we’re dead.

Here’s the precise line from Mr Cameron’s speech today at the CBI Annual Conference:

"In this global race you are quick or you’re dead”

And how do you win? By

“having an all-out war on dumbing down” and by being “tough” and “fast”.

Yeah!  Screw the losers! Fuck the weak!  Hail only the winners – us! Ha!

[Small voice, off-stage]

“Hello? Er, hellooooo?  Er, I think there may be a problem.  With this, er, winning thing.  Yes, er, they’ve doing some research.  Yes, research – you know, the evidence thing?  Yes, well, they’ve been having a close look at this winning thing and, er, it seems like there may be an error.  Yes, er, it seems that these things called ‘collaboration’ and ‘co-operation’ are, um, better for us.  Yes, better.  Apparently they make us happier, they enable us collectively to achieve more, and they’re better suited to the complex problems that the modern world faces.  Uh-huh.  Racing to win is, in fact, the best way to lose.  Yup.  Racing to win is, in fact, yesterday’s strategy.  Only someone rooted in the past, or facing backwards, or who stubbornly clings to an out-dated ideology in the face of mounting evidence could possibly believe that ruthless and ceaseless competition was the way to help ‘our people thrive’."

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