Sometimes [poem]

Talking the walk

The lightbulb has to want to change itself
and we, who shine much brighter, know the same;
the elegant simplicity of form
belies the darker function of the name

Enlightenment’s an easy place to start:
communication surely is the way!
But words are not enough: if truth be told
our habits and our myths hold greater sway

To change requires a power from within
and empathetic passion from the sky:-
not all will have the strength to make the grade;
not all will even feel the need to try.

From those of us committed to the path
forgiveness and compassion are required
that we should not condemn the weak, or blind
that we should not berate the merely tired

Instead, let gratitude pervade our work
for all that have the willingness to walk
the narrow roads to perilous relief
who know the cure is more than simply talk

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