Eleven slogans, more or less

I, and others, have castigated the culture of 'more' that characterizes western consumerism. Enough, I cry!  Let's have less!

But this is not enough: with less of some things, we shall perhaps have the opportunity for more of other things.  Indeed, if the argument is right that to persuade great numbers of people to choose a new way of conducting their affairs will require a positive story to be told - and such an argument surely is right - then the 'more' that they will get by making fundamentally different choices needs surely to be spelled out.

Or worked out.

As a starter for ten, therefore:

1. Less stuff, more time
2. Less shopping, more sitting
3. Less driving, more gazing
4. Less stress, more conviviality
5. Less haste, more conversation
6. Less bullshit, more truth
7. Less acquisitiveness, more generosity
8. Less tech, more song
9. Less money, more friends
10. Less competition, more collaboration
11. Less me, more care

Or maybe that's a starter for eleven?

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