Soul worm [poem]

the towpath grew too dense.
Thick scallops hewn from summer light
were scattered like forgotten charms
across the gravelled lane
befuddling the eye and
hobbling the feet.

Only then
the craft appeared,
its curious and gawdy prow
a portent of the carnival
in tumult on the longboat's roof.

Exotic plumes of ancient smoke
sang skyward from a mighty grill
where dripping cuts of unseen meat
surrendered to their final flame;
and someone from the labyrinth,
perhaps enchanted by the light,
called clearly to the nervous bank:
Some soul food, friend?

From on the deck
we know that life
is but a dream
glimpsed fleeting and
either side of our canal.
Look! we cry
from time to time - 
it's me!
And laughter like a long-lost friend
erupts before condensing
into hazel seeds of hope.

[If there's a photo down here it was added August 2017 as part of blog refresh.  Photo is either mine or is linked to where I found it. Make of either what you will.]


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