Georges Perec for Primary School [poem]

This will sound odd, but tomorrow’s sunny morning will bring this curious story.  Robin, off to work, running for his bus, will trip, knocking his skull.  Unconscious for hours, Robin is out of sight from most buildings.

On coming round, Robin knows nothing.  Dour gloom blocks his vision.  No sounds flow.  His touch is numb; his mouth is dry.

Slowly, Robin will look for wounds – finding bruising, but nothing too worrying.  Trying to lift his body up, Robin will slip, losing his footing.  This poor victim will cry out, his horror, his discomfort now too much.

Shortly, Robin will hit upon the obvious solution – find support!

Following this thought, Robin will shout: “I’m hurt! Would you show this unlucky soul how to find A&E?”


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