I avoided watching 'Straight Outta Compton' when it was released in cinemas.  I had my own myth about NWA, having been one of those that bought the album when it first reached the UK in 1989.  I had been worried back then - was I just another white boy voyeur? - and I was worried again.  Who wants to have their myths shattered?

I dug out my original vinyl.  The inner sleeve reveals something of the circumstances it has survived.

Ah!  1989, a number, another summer...

...which of course gets us to Public Enemy!

Also in my possession on original vinyl!  And with an inner sleeve!  With the lyrics!

Sheer bloody poetry.

There's probably a mocking alternative called FWA, something about a bunch of crazy economists and statisticians and accountants, roaming around causing chaos in the world's economic system...

"Straight outta Oxbridge, crazy number cruncher named Big Pseud
from the gang called Figgaz with Attitude"

And why not.


Che Bourne said…
I still have that vinyl! White boy voyeurs - thousands of them, but so what :-)

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