Poised [poem]

Impossible and fleeting moment
of celestial balance
astronomical equality
manifest on earth and labelled
(not equilux)
and signalling the joyful bound
of spring

Yin and yang! Old and new!
Death and birth – yoked
and equal –
shimmering, perhaps
like Schrödinger’s cat
both dead and alive.
Or neither. Or both.

Fractal joy! Tender potential!
amid the possibilities
                the entanglements
                the goings and comings
                the darks and the lights
                the hopes and the dreams
                the leaves
                                and the petals

This budding life
this striving, yearning, holding, hoping
This insistence
this hunger
this ceaseless urge

So fragile! So determined!
So tentative! So resilient!
So terrifying! So wonderful!
So terrified! So brave.

Equinox, equilux
the light, the dark,
this earthly life:
forged of stars
born of love
made of moments


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