Mind Blanket 1998 [poem]

Black tulips at the end of infinite tunnels
A sleeping mouse atop an ice-capped peak
A steaming meal in the middle of a meadow
A nest - with eggs - inside the computer

A million magpies on a football pitch
An ice-pick held by white knuckles
A minnow, struggling for breath
A river, fizzling to nothing

Two hundred and fifty means of escape
A thousand telephones ringing on a beach
An endless noun verbing like a simile
A train of thought colliding with the buffers

A steel igloo in the desert
A heavy boot trampling babies
A terminal image selling euthanasia
A shotgun held against a bare midriff

A snail, crawling along the edge of a straight razor
Angels pierced like butterflies, in their millions, on a pin
A human organ dressed for dinner
A hundred trees marching in protest

A kilogramme of marijuana smoking Joe
An ice spine stiffening the neck
A cobalt carapace with invisible hinge
A burning cigarette on the deck of an aircraft carrier

A petrified humanoid shopping in Harrods
An angry anagram a-waltzing
A dipthong doing the do
A synapse sampling the samba

A behemoth performing ballet
A mercury orange ordering apples
A method actor making mincemeat
A Teutonic taskmaster asking the question

What the fuck's a meta for?


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