Long due over [poem]

Long overdue long poem
begins with thanks
to the finest minds of my generation
for all that they have delivered
thus far

I see a spacecraft 
orbiting a distant world
in miracle parabolas
I see a computer
talking to everyone
in the palm of my hand
I see a vial
administering rescue
from a terminal disease
I see an engine
silent and happy
powered by sunshine

I see a million streaming screaming faces
I see a million empty politicians
I see a million lonely words of nothing

I wander off.  It is disheartening.  Kick leaves, disconsolate.  Encourage the wind to do the work that is beyond you.  Curse blithering clouds.  Imagine tomorrow it will be sunny again.  Wonder what will happen next.

He places a bet.
A big one.
He reads Bukowski to know how to feel.
He loses everything.

along a smoking empty vessel
through a mist of frozen worries
follow unbegotten moments
elevate the wrinkled furrow
terminate the golden olive
rusticate in case of sorrow

Hold these keys for a moment
I need to make an adjustment
we can go now


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